Fitness Assistant

Fitness Assistant 3.7

Count calories and monitor your workouts


  • Comprehensive food and exercise lists
  • Calculators - calorie, body fat etc.
  • Online and offline help


  • Must search food in US English
  • Search parameters buggy


Are you looking a bit porky on the beach this summer? Closer to a walrus than a mermaid in your swimsuit? If you are the kind of person who likes to take control of your well being by looking after the smallest details, give Fitness Assistant a try.

Fitness Assistant is a comprehensive tool to manage all of the elements that make up a healthy lifestyle, set goals and monitor progress. It covers both diet and exercise, providing you with space to specify daily details and track your actions. Among Fitness Assistant's features are a recipe book, workout log, records area, weight loss goal-setting, physical measurement tracking and the facility to both print and export reports.

Almost every aspect of Fitness Assistant is customizable, from what measurement system you like to use to precisely what exercise you have been doing each day. It is simple to use - you fill in your personal details, set your goals, update your progress every day (food consumed, exercise taken, etc.) and chart your progress. It also has a selection of calculators - body fat, calories, etc. - and comprehensive online and offline help.

Although Fitness Assistant is very customizable, the preset food types show a heavy US bias and the speed/distance in the exercise list are also exclusively in miles. Another irritating feature is that the search parameters in the nutrition area must be manually reset every time they are changed.

Some people work in details and others in generalities. If you are the kind of person who is kept in check by the scrupulous recording of every morsel eaten and every step taken, then Fitness Assistant is the perfect accomplice. For the rest of us, however, the program requires too much planning, and, dare I say it, not enough doing.

Fitness Assistant, a perfect diet program for those who like meticulous control.

Bug fixes


  • Bug fixes

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